International Women's Day



Details coming soon!

"A huge thanks for coordinating and executing the IWD event on Friday.  What a great opportunity to raise awareness, and enhance some of our client relationships."

Laura Fini (Managing Director, Accenture)


Details coming soon!


  • Title Slide

    Inclusive Thinking for Business Analysts & Product Managers

  • Title slide on empty stage at TELUS Digital in Toronto

    Primer: Designer's a11y Responsibility

  • 10 men listen attentively to presentation in front of screen at the Ballroom in Toronto

    Inclusive Design at PRESTO

  • Meeting Room with International Women's Day title slide on screen

    International Women's Day

  • Meeting Room with a Dilbert comic strip on screen. Character 1, Project Manager: "You're jeopardizing our schedule. The entire project will failt and its all your fault". Character 2, designer: " Why is it MY fault?". Project Manager in response: "If a tree falls in the forest and we've already sold the tree, does it have quality?"

    Importance of Usability Testing

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