Organizational Structure Tuning

Transformed our client’s organizational structure using design thinking, change management, and the Power Platform, so they could foster a closer sense of community, develop targeted learning plans, and make informed workforce planning decisions.


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    Global company providing IT services with 11,000+ employees dispersed over 80 locations in 24 countries.

  • ROLE

    Change Architect


    User Research

    Industry Research

    Data Analysis

    Change Management

    Goal Setting & Validation




    Power Automate


    Power BI

Project Milestones. Phase 1: Gather input, Phase 2: Finalize Role Families, Job Description & Benchmarking, Phase 3a: Talent Mapping Pilot, Phase 3b: Talent Mapping Wave 2 Regions, Phase 3c: Talent Mapping Wave 3 regions, Phase: Establish Communities of Practice

High level organizational redesign approach

“Great experience!”

(Netherlands department lead)


In retrospect, I believe the change process would have benefited from concrete steps for the HR and Talent Acquisition teams as well. While we made a concerted effort to include the Business HR Leads, we were surprised to find information was not always being cascaded down to the teams, leading to a handful of new hires still being recruited into the retired 'Software Engineering' or 'Infrastructure' roles during the rollout.

The benefits of the organizational change to leadership were immediate. The Infrastructure Department Lead was initially operating under the impression the company was strongest in their cloud skillset; after viewing the role distributions, he realized that was not actually the case! In some departments, they were stunned to learn that Europe had double the distribution of employees in the roles as compared to North America, and set to work on ensuring many of the employee initiatives were less North America-centric.

For the employees, the benefits will be realized more slowly as the L&D department and Regional Role Champions set to work on building the communities and curating targeted training material. As of the last survey, the employees have been optimistic with many reporting they are "looking forward to learning more and gaining the right skills in my new role."

“Hala stepped into a new role helping our department leaders with various critical initiatives, and to generally improve the quality of the employee experience at our company. She has executed on the role with passion, bringing new ideas and energy to our efforts, and we could not be achieving our goals without her outstanding contributions.”

(Client Executive)

Map of the world with the continents filled with silhouettes of different people


  • A heat map showing the sentiments of software engineers across metrics such as Engagement, Work Life Balance, etc.

    Designing Employee Experience

  • Laptop on a serene desk space at home showing a departmental site built on Sharepoint

    Employee-Centered Digital Community Spaces

  • Printout of a project timeline showing the key milestones

    Organizational Structure Tuning

  • PRESTO Vouchers Portal Login Screen

    PRESTO Vouchers

  • Elderly women with visual impairments using the PRESTO website on a laptop

    Digital Accessibility at PRESTO

  • Ethnographic research displayed on board including lots of post-it notes

    Live Action Roleplaying Game Masters

  • Screenshot from the Parent TrApp Prototype and a printout of the report


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