Designer's a11y Responsibility

#a11yTO Conference | Toronto, Ontario | October 16 2018

Accessibility has traditionally only factored in the last stages of the Product Development Life Cycle:

  • if the developer decides to build responsibly,

  • if the QA team catches an issue, or

  • in the worst case scenario: if the company is sued by a customer after launch.

​However, accessibility and inclusive thinking really starts long before the first wireframe is sketched out or a single line of code is ever written.


In this talk, I shared practical tips on how designers & content strategists can start capturing the 'subjective' aspects of accessibility in designs to take the guessing out of our developer and QA friends' work.

Slide from presentation, showing an annotated comp of the mobile TELUS Digital website


  • Title Slide

    Inclusive Thinking for Business Analysts & Product Managers

  • Title slide on empty stage at TELUS Digital in Toronto

    Primer: Designer's a11y Responsibility

  • 10 men listen attentively to presentation in front of screen at the Ballroom in Toronto

    Inclusive Design at PRESTO

  • Meeting Room with International Women's Day title slide on screen

    International Women's Day

  • Meeting Room with a Dilbert comic strip on screen. Character 1, Project Manager: "You're jeopardizing our schedule. The entire project will failt and its all your fault". Character 2, designer: " Why is it MY fault?". Project Manager in response: "If a tree falls in the forest and we've already sold the tree, does it have quality?"

    Importance of Usability Testing

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