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Hala is a Product Manager with 5+ years of experience driving consensus amongst cross-functional teams and building trusting relationships with stakeholders to successfully deliver 10+ inclusive web and mobile projects across various industries. Her background in business analysis, UX, and engineering has prepared her to ask the right questions and find the right balance between business and end-user needs, while making decisions with imperfect information at crunch time.

Throughout her career, Hala knows what it feels like to be the "only". As a result, she is an ardent believer of inclusive design, blends her product practice with a strong social conscience, and never stops advocating for the customer even when the odds are stacked against them. She is an active organizer and speaker in communities (such as a11y and Lean In Canada) that seek to amplify voices which are often ignored in tech.


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Improving adoption of transit cards by transforming the distribution and enrollment process.

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Practical tips on how designers & content strategists can start capturing the 'subjective' aspects of accessibility in designs.

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